Jamie Hansen: Watercolor Art

The CASE Act passes the house! Here's more about the CASE act.

The CASE actaims to make it easier and more affordable for artists and copyright holders to assert authorship rights if their work is infringed. They could go to small-claims court or a regional court to file a dispute. I still hope that it's a long time before I have to go to battle for my rights as a creator, but I'm grateful that there are other organizations campaigning to make the process easier for creatives like me. 

I'm showing at Brews on Main in Downtown Anderson.

"Everything looks great, and we have gotten a ton of complements," Notes Carrie, the manager of the Downtown Anderson Brews on Main.  The craft beer shop and bar reached out to me last month to invite me to hang my art on their walls.  We have discussed the possibility of leaving the art on display through Spring 2020.

Project recap: "God at the Center" created for Central Presbyterian Church

I was excited this Sunday to reveal the artwork that I created to support our church's worship theme, God at the Center.  The theme will tie in with most of our biblical studies for the year.  I'm excited to focus on this year's theme: I can already feel it guiding my choices as I carve my past as an artist and small business owner. I hope that my art will provide a visual anchor point as the congregation considers this year's theme.

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