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When I saw that Canva was offering prints, I spent the weekend re-sizing my concert poster templates to fit Canva's new print service.  I've worked as a graphic artist for over a decade, and I've never seen a printing service so easy!

Edit and print beautiful posters for your next concert or recital using my concert poster templates. Here's how my templates can make it easy to create beautiful promotional materials for your music:

  1. Purchase the template and click on the link in the PDF to load the Canva template.  My templates work in free or paid Canva accounts.
  2. Edit your poster: add your concert details including your name, the venue, the admission charge and more. 
  3. To print your design, click on the "print" button in the top right. 
  4. Add your address, choose your size and number of copies, and purchase your print.  Prints start at $6 at the time of this writing. 

When I purchased a print from Canva, they said it would take 5-8 days for free economy shipping but my prints actually arrived faster.  If you're concerned about getting your poster in time, you can consider purchasing expedited shipping. 

I create art with musical themes. Be sure to join my email list for monthly freebies featuring my illustrations and art. Have I painted your instrument yet?  Write me and tell me which instrument I should paint next! 

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