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canva templates with instrument art

Concert Poster Canva Templates

Sized for print.

These templates are sized to print in Canva sharply and cleanly. You can also re-size them: reduce the size of these images for Instagram, Facebook, and other web formats. Looking for web-only graphics? See my collection of smaller web-sized sized images in my Instagram templates collection.

UPDATED Sept 2020: Print your design right from the Canva website! This poster is designed to print right from your free Canva account: 12x16, 18x24, or 21x28. (Prints start at $6.)

  1. Purchase the template and click on the link in the PDF to load the Canva template.  My templates work in free or paid Canva accounts.
  2. Edit your poster: add your concert details including your name, the venue admission, and more details. 
  3. To print your design, click on the "print" button in the top right in Canva. 
  4. Add your mailing address, choose your size and number of copies, and purchase the print.  Prints start at $6 at the time of this writing. 

We are sorry, there are no products in this collection.