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I use Dubsado to manage all my commissions. Here's why:

On November 1, 2018, I was managing all my client projects on a board on Trello.  An order came in; I added it to the board. A mock up was approved, and I moved it to my “to paint” list.  An order shipped, and I moved it to my “in transit” list.   I had a week in October when a new project came in everyday.   I couldn’t believe my order volume.

I sell fine art.  I can’t finish a project in a single day. One client decided that she wanted two paintings when I had only painted one. She did give me an idea that she wanted multiples - and I had missed it.

I missed getting a client’s order on my board and they emailed me a week later asking about their mock-up.  I couldn’t remember who was a client from Etsy, who came from my website, and what prices I had quoted everyone at the start of their pieces. I couldn’t remember how they preferred that I contact them - email, Etsy message, phone?  Overwhelmed and disorganized, I missed deadlines and followed up with almost no one.  I reached my breaking point in the final push of the holiday season. 

Relationships are the core of the personalized art that I sell.  My client’s experience in working with me is as important to me as the artwork that I create for them.  My business is built around serving one person at a time and creating a unique, one-on-one experience that celebrates their story.  I wasn’t doing that well if I was spending my studio time digging in my email trying to figure out if their flowers in their art were supposed to be blue or red, or if they had a deadline for their art.

I sell a thing that is a discretionary purchase.  I know that no one really needs the items that I sell like they might need pet food or office supplies.  Keeping that in my mind makes me work so much harder to make sure that my process is a joy and a celebration for my clients.  Dubsado helps me organize my client’s needs so I can put more energy into making their art beautiful and unique.

Think Dubsado might be help you manage your creative business?  It took me just 3 days to decide that it was perfect for me.  Use my Dubsado affiliate code Jamie or click here to test it out for your small business.