What a week it’s been. On Monday, I took my show down in Cary, Yesterday, I finished the Richmond half-marathon. I was so excited for the opportunity to show at the Page-Walker Arts & History Center in Cary, North Carolina this October and November.

In late September, I shared my recent work with Cary, NC, at the Page-Walker Arts & History Center. I installed a collection of 25 pieces painted over the past three years.

My latest series celebrates themes of music and community. The show was even better because of all my family and high school friends who came out to support me. We spent the opening evening telling stories and sharing memories as we enjoyed the art.

My exhibit included my abstract Soundscapes and portraits of musicians. These pieces celebrate the transformative power of music, sound, and atmosphere.

Another highlight was connecting with fellow artists showing their work at the Page-Walker Arts & History Center. I met Charles Philip Brooks, an oil painter currently working in the North Carolina mountains, and Junhong Ma, a talented local ceramicist.

Returning home to showcase my work was deeply gratifying. The Page-Walker Arts & History Center was a wonderful host, and the company of friends and family made the event an unforgettable chapter in my art journey. I feel blessed and inspired after my show, fueled by the love and encouragement of my hometown.