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Musicians' Portraits

Making Music during Covid: I’m a watercolor artist interested in the parallels between musical art and visual art. My current portrait series is about musicians’ experiences during Covid. I plan to show the finished works at the Anderson Arts Center in September 2021.

I am married to a musician and I saw firsthand how deeply the musicians around me were impacted through the current health crisis. I felt drawn to respond through my own work: re-framing their stage as I show them through my work. I feel deeply connected to this series: I also sense I’m documenting a pivotal time in our culture as we re-examine the ways we value and consume art and music.


Portraits of Musicians

Some of my questions: Has the pandemic changed your relationship with your instrument? Has it changed your views on performing live? Have you shifted which instruments you are most drawn to, or has the time strengthened your relationship with your primary instrument? How has your mood changed? As the months have dragged on, has your music become more of a refuge, or a frustration? Everyone is different and these are a few of the questions I hope to explore in my new series.