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About my Original Artworks

My original artworks are created with watercolor and ink on Arches watercolor paper. Arches watercolor paper is acid-free, cotton-based, and museum quality. I create my work with archival inks and professional grade watercolor pigments. I recommend displaying my watercolors on paper in a frame with glass and a mat. Each of my original works include a signed certificate of authenticity.

I also make watercolors that are mounted to wood boards and finished with varnish and wax. These techniques allow me to create large scale work in watercolor that is durable, tactile, and requires no framing.

Mounted Works

jamie with piano painting.Construction of mounted watercolor by Jamie hansen


Many of my larger works are mounted to a cradled basswood panel and finished with a UV-resistant varnish, acrylic, and wax mediums.

Panels make my art sturdy and easy to transport. They allow me to work bigger.

Mounting Process

I begin by painting the backs and sides of basswood panels with latex paint.  The paint gives the wood a finished look and a barrier from dirt and moisture.

I glue the watercolor paper to a finished wood panel with permanent glue. I paint directly on the paper in inks and watercolor.  

Once complete, I spray the watercolor with several coats of UV-protective varnish. I finish with acrylic and wax mediums for a semi-gloss finish that protects the art and accentuates the texture of the ink lines and watercolor washes. 

Caring for your Mounted Art

Glass and framing are not required for my mounted works. Avoid extreme heat, anything over 200 degrees Fahrenheit or 90 degrees Celsius may melt the wax medium topcoat. Avoid displaying any original artworks in high-moisture areas such as bathrooms; over time moisture can warp the wood. To dust, wipe lightly with a soft lint free cloth. Soft buffing can also be done 2-3 times a year: I buff my works with a used dryer sheet to clean and bring the wax finish to a shine.



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