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About Mounted Watercolors

These mounted works have my hands all over them. They are watercolors that don't have to be framed under glass.

To create my mounted works, I glue the artwork to a finished wood panel with permanent glue.  To protect the art, I finish it with an archival varnish and wax. This art can be cleaned by rubbing it with your fingers or a soft cloth. Display smaller works on a wall or tabletop.

Works on wood panels are sturdy.

There are lots of advantages to permanently mounting my papers to wood panels. Some of the old masters painted on wood panels and their work has survived for hundreds of years. Panels make my art sturdy and easy to transport. They allow me to work bigger. 

I love the idea of removing glass from my watercolors.

When the barrier of the glass is removed, the art becomes touchable.  The viewer enjoys a more connected experience.  The art is not a pretty little thing that's ensconced in a glass case.  It becomes more like the furniture or a large scale oil painting: a more tactile and immersive part of my viewer's space.

Read more about my specific materials and process in this blog post.