Licorice Oboe Art Print By Jamie Hansen - woodwinds watercolor


This usually colorful oboe is painted at full size and would be a beautiful gift for any oboe player. This piece is part of my woodwinds collection.

This unusually sized print is available as a professionally printed giclee on fine art paper, or as a mounted print with white gold leaf.

For my mounted prints: I glue the archival art print to a finished wood panel with permanent glue, add 22k gold leaf, then add details in ink and acrylic mediums. To protect the art, it is finished with an archival wax. This art print can be cleaned by rubbing it with your fingers or a soft cloth. My works on paper seek to become a thing that paper is sometimes not – permanent, solid, and sturdy. Display your print on a wall or tabletop. I will only create up to 50 of this limited edition art print.

Custom-created when you order.

  • Unframed giclee print on paper: ships in 5 days
  • Mounted print with gold: this item may take up to 3 weeks to deliver.