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Contrabasoon Painting | Watercolor art by Jamie Hansen

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I've painted this contrabassoon watercolor art in watercolor and ink. Painted from a photo supplied by Rhonda in Indiana, my painting describes the instrument's intricate mechanics. Celebrate your favorite woodwinds player or hang this watercolor art in your practice space.
  • Original is available.
  • 8" x 10" prints available
  • Colorful gift idea for a bassoonist

Get a glimpse into the heart of music with my watercolor portrayal of a contrabassoon, the orchestra's gentle giant. Whether seated in an orchestra or practicing solo, the musician and instrument share a silent dialogue that I've celebrated in this vibrant watercolor.

Frame is not included with the original or prints. Original ships from my studio with a certificate of authenticity.

I have worked in watercolors for over 20 years. My colorful music series celebrates the joy, relationships, and community created through music. I hope that these vibrant music-themed works can be instruments of joy for your home or music classroom.