I'll start with steady hands and an open heart. I don't know where this will go. But I don’t think there was any point in my life that I didn’t think I needed to be an artist.  My parents tell me that I was drawing as soon as I was talking.  The sub flooring of my parents' house is covered with my crayon and pencil drawings from when I was small. Mom and Dad were converting our garage into a den and they let me draw all over the new floorboards before they covered them.  

I’ve been drawing since before I could write.  My mom gave me paints in my Easter basket and art supplies under our Christmas tree. I’ve been taking community art classes since middle school, and I have been lucky enough to have support and encouragement from instructors, teachers, professors, and now my wonderful friends and family. I've traveled around Europe and the US in pursuit of my craft.  When I couldn't find time to paint, I sobbed to my husband that there were pieces that would die in my fingers if I didn’t have time to make them.  

There are many things in the world around me that inspire my techniques and my subject matter.  But for the decision to be an artist: I think it’s much the same as a preacher or a clergy member. It simply is.  You can’t ignore your faith. You feel it calling and it would be like denying the core of your being if you can't follow.  

Are there things in your life have that you been so certain about?  Did they come true?

jamie hansen art

It simply is