What kind of collaboration is the most fulfilling for your creative growth? What one project or goal this year could benefit from your pursuing that kind of collaboration? What will you do on a monthly basis to pursue that kind of collaboration? With whom possibly? – Pam Slim #SolitudeCollaboration

As an artist, I revel in solitude.  I crave it and thrive in it.  I create in my mind and through my hands; other voices and outside marks are intrusive and jarring.  As an introvert, I could benefit more than anyone from collaboration.  It’s intriguing to me that many of my most lucrative works are created in collaboration.  I create commissions for clients: paintings from photos and custom coats of arms.  Those collaborations have given me the courage and stability to pick up my own work in solitude again, after a long “dry spell.”

To continue these collaborations, I will continue to advertise my services and sell my art packages.  I will profile my “ideal client” and market to them on Pinterest and facebook.  I will be kind, accommodating, and grateful for each client who chooses to work with me.

I will listen carefully to each of my clients and find creative visual ways to interpret their feelings.  I will try to channel the joy that I have as I create in solitude into their pieces, so they can feel that joy each time they glance at their art.

How can you challenge yourself to carve out separate blocks each day for solitude? What new or modified daily habit will help you do so? Whom can you call upon to help you cultivate this habit?

When you’re in your solitude block, notice your resistance and relax into it. – Leo Babauta. #SolitudeCollaboration

While I do create in solitude, I don’t feel that I’m lonely at all.  I have created so many connections and genuine emotions from my work that I feel a deep sense of wrongness when I can’t explore the new pieces that I have planned or try a new technique.  My best piece is the one that I’m about to do: it’s the one that’s right on the tip of my fingers waiting to be painted.  I plan to set aside several hours in the late morning that I can use to work on my own projects even if I have several pending projects from clients.  It is in these blocks of time each day that I will create a body of work that is uniquely mine.

The ideas that I have are my own and these works that I would like to plan are not for a specific client. However, I do find inspiration and connection through others. I follow many artists who inspire me on instagram and facebook, and I watch their creative processes on videos and posts. Their works make me feel joyful that I can also create.  Their processes inspire me and occasionally their comments or “likes” make me giddy with excitement.

I will consider finding a journal where I can list to myself the pieces that I have worked on for the day, to keep myself accountable to the commitment of time for my own art each day, and also to show myself that I have worked, even if it’s been a not-so-productive day.